What Dave Winer said

What Dave Winer said: “It’s time to realize that Google is no longer the little company we used to love. They’re now a huge company that pushes individuals around like a lot of other huge companies. They need some balance to their power. And it’s ridiculous to blindly take their side on every issue. Sometimes they’re wrong, and I believe this is one of those times. It’s certainly worth considering the possibility that they’re wrong.”

3 thoughts on “What Dave Winer said

  1. Wow, this is a great question. I tend to agree with Dave on the immediate principle, that Google should be asking for an optin from publishers, not offering an optout, but I wonder about the larger Cluetrain questions that underlie this project.<

    Now there’s a word that hasn’t popped up much since the bursting of the dot-com bubble [though I notice that SXSW 2006 has a seminar on its ramifications today]. Isn’t it worthwhile to create a vastly greater ability for humanity to access information?

    Profitable for Google, certainly. How do you transfer the profits to those who created the info in the first place? Traditional copyright law protects those who invented an idea, wrote the words, painted the picture. Are we moving to a time when transmitting the idea is also something worthy of compensation? If so, does that devalue the original creator, or simply place an incremental value on the work at each step of the way?

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