iTunes video – Okay, I get it

iTunes video – Okay, I get it: I was, I’ll admit, rather dubious about downloading video via iTunes. However, then serveral folks at Hammock Publishing were beginning to make me feel left-out because I couldn’t discuss the latest episode of Lost. Then, a ten-day business and family-related trip with lots of train and plane time led me to pick up a first-season DVD. And then, well, where else was I going to get (legally) the first few episodes of this season? So, I’ve now downloaded the five available second-season episodes available on iTunes and here is my review (of iTunes video, not Lost):

Not bad. I had no plans to watch them on a 2.5 inch iPod screen, so I was not expecting much in terms of picture quality for the full-screen view on my 12″ laptop screen, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality at the larger size — not great, but okay.

It only took 20 minutes to download each episode (at the most). Each episode is about 200 MB and around 48 mins. long. The video runs in a small box in the lower left hand corner of iTunes but a click on the picture brings a half-screen Quicktime-like box that plays on the desktop. If you click on the full-screen icon below the little video box, the video runs full-screen, which is the option I chose.

I won’t comment on the ridiculous DRM measures that are baked into the files as that’s covered heavily elsewhere and I’m sure if someone wants to get around them, well, that information is also a click away.

Interestingly, I haven’t been a big believer in the near-term potential of video downloading as I perceived the quality would be low and download time too long. I’m beginning to come around. However, now that I’m fully caught up with Lost, I’ll be using my DVR to catch future episodes.

Now, as to my review of Lost: I’m hopelessly hooked.

The physics of wobbly

The physics of wobbly: Those physicists at CERN — you know, the folks responsible for creation of the World Wide Web and where the antimatter in the Dan Brown’s Novel Angels & Demons was made (see CERN’s section of snopes-like response to the novel). Now they’ve gone and topped themselves. They’ve cracked the mystery behind wobbly tables in restaurants. They’ve solved the math behind the reason why it’s possible to rotate a four-legged wobbly table and find a place where it no longer wobbles. No doubt, this finding will receive a Noble Prize one day.


An offer you can’t refuse

An offer you can’t refuse: Mr. Roboto planned it. I’m buying the pizza (I think I volunteered when someone called me Nashville’s “blogfather”). You’re buying the beer. What more could you ask? (If it’s for me to also buy the beer, don’t ask.) Don’t forget the Nashville blogger meetup at the restaurant Mafioso’s on 12th Ave., South, tomorrow night (Thursday), beginning at 5:30 p.m. You don’t have to be a blogger to join us. If you’re thinking about being a blogger, drop by. Heck, if you read blogs, you’re invited. However, I have given Mr. Roboto a pizza purchasing budget, so you may want to show up early.