An offer you can’t refuse

An offer you can’t refuse: Mr. Roboto planned it. I’m buying the pizza (I think I volunteered when someone called me Nashville’s “blogfather”). You’re buying the beer. What more could you ask? (If it’s for me to also buy the beer, don’t ask.) Don’t forget the Nashville blogger meetup at the restaurant Mafioso’s on 12th Ave., South, tomorrow night (Thursday), beginning at 5:30 p.m. You don’t have to be a blogger to join us. If you’re thinking about being a blogger, drop by. Heck, if you read blogs, you’re invited. However, I have given Mr. Roboto a pizza purchasing budget, so you may want to show up early.

3 thoughts on “An offer you can’t refuse

  1. Is that ‘Blogfather’s Pizza’? I think I’ve seen that chain in my local strip mall next to the Wal-Mart.

  2. Ack – I didn’t know about the meetup, and I’ve already made plans for tomorrow night. How can I find out about future gatherings?

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