A good time was had by all

A good time had by all: Great fun at the blogger gathering in Nashville tonight. Lots of photos were taken by someone — at least, there were lots of flashes, so I’ll link later to them.

I’d especially like to thank Brittney Gilbert of Nashville is Talking who found someone’s iPod nano that happened to have my name and cell phone number etched on the back of it. What a coincidence, as mine slipped out of my pocket.

Lots of people were there. Lots. Like 30-40. Old and new bloggers, alike.

Funniest story: When Busy Mom arrived, she told a waitress she was meeting a group.

“Oh. Are you looking for the Noggers?” the waitress asked.

4 thoughts on “A good time was had by all

  1. Love the graphic and thanks for organizing a great evening! Maybe my site will be back up and I can write about it, too.

  2. Thanks for a great event! I am sorry we did not meet. I’m not sure why that didn’t happen. Your hospitality is much appreciated. Just wanted you to know.

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