Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!: I’ve figured out how to get mentioned on a Gawker Media blog. Blog about a questionable practice by Weblogs Inc.

By the way, my question, “Is Weblogs Inc. splogging?” was answered by Weblogs Inc. CEO Jason Calacanis in the comments of my first post:

“Come on… it’s obviously not a splog. It’s an archived site that we’re not updating any more. The best of WIN goes out each week and some of the ones that are archive blogs get the posts… but there is nothing SPAM like about it..”

Okay. Whatever. But an “archived site” that stays alive with with Google-juice promotional posts unrelated to the topic of the archived site is, well, nothing personal, but “obviously” is not the adverb I’d have used to describe what it is, or is not.

Judge for yourself. (See update.)

For the record: I love Weblogs Inc. and Gawker (except the p*rn stuff) and I think everything about both companies and anyone associated with them are (is?) just dandy.

Update: Well, the “archived site” is now gone, so, well, it’s moot.

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  1. Some things are inadvertent… we are not looking to game anything. To describe us doing “best of” as spam/splog behavior is just silly.

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