Where I’ll be – let’s meet

Where I’ll be: If you’re at any of the following places, let’s meet.

This week:

From Tuesday night until Thursday mid-day, I’m in New York. I’ll be around the Folio Show much of that time.

On Tuesday night, I’ll be attending the Folio Awards.

On Wednesday, I have some meetings in New York, but will be attending some panels and will be around the Folio Show most of the morning.

On Thursday, from 9:00-9:30 a.m. (not from 10:00-10:30 as originally scheduled) the Folio folks asked me to do a “Thirty minutes with” session in the Americas Ballroom I. According to the show’s organizers, it’s your chance to “pick my brains.” Ouch.

From 9:45-11:00 a.m., I’m on a panel in the editorial track called, “Innovative Ways to Connect With Readers”

(In Washington, D.C. (Tysons Corner) On Thursday night) I’ll be hanging with Rafat’s posse at the MediaNext mixer

Coming up soon:

November 14-17, Chicago, American Business Media’s “Top Management Meeting

On Monday, the 14th, I’ll be on a panel of the “Web Strategies for Smaller Publishers” Seminar.

On Tuesday, the 15th, I’m on a panel (1:30-2:30 p.m.) that looks especially fun:

Blogs: Extraneous or Integral?

(Note: I haven’t been told whether I’m to take the “extraneous” or “integral” position. However, seeing the other panelists, I think I’ll take the “extraneous” position for fun.)

Moderator: Tony Silber – Editor & Publisher, Folio:; Red 7 Media, Inc.

Alison Fahey – Editor, Adweek and creator of AdWeek’s Adfreak
Rex Hammock – President, Hammock Publishing, Inc.
Kathy Rebello – Editor-in-Chief, Business Week Online

Friday, Nov. 18, Philadelphia

I’m speaking at a one-day conference, “Web 2.0:  Current Realities and a Look to the Future”, for members of NFASIS, which used to have a much longer name. the National Federation of Science Abstracting and Indexing Services (NFSAIS). (Stop laughing: While not scientific, I am excellent at being abstract.)

Halloween fun in Nashville

Halloween fun in Nashville: After the Titans game (ugh), my wife and I went to some friends’ house. These friends live on Whitland Ave., one of Nashville’s most trick-or-treat friendly, in-town neighborhoods. My friends are doing some major renovations on their home and are soon having it painted. They decided it would be fun to invite several of us over to give their home an interim paint job for Halloween. Man, did we ever. So, if you’re in Nashville tomorrow night and happen to be near Whitland, drive down the street and look for the house that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. (I’ll post some photos tomorrow.)

IBMA Fan Fest

IBMA Fan Fest: It’s strange how thousands of people can come to Nashville from all over the country to attend an incredible three-day indoor, four-stage music festival that has the same artists who tens of thousands of folks go to Telluride or Merlefest to hear — and so very few people from Nashville even know it’s taking place. I guess if the local media doesn’t cover it, that’s what happens.

Update: I’ve added a few photos from the event to my Flickr site.

What Dave Winer said

What Dave Winer said: (From the NY Times) “I love podcasting because it turns us all into investigative journalists of our own lives.” A great story on podcasting being created by real folks (and the equipment they use). Not the cliché story on how podcasting has been taken over by big media companies. Also, it seems to have more outbound links embedded in the story than a typical NYT piece.

Speaking of the NY Times, they also have a rather long story about Google and, guess what, Google “wants to dominate Madison Avenue, too.”
I suggest the NY Times keep that headline handy for any number of future stories: “Google wants to dominate (INSERT WORD HERE), too.”