The Jarvis effect?

The Jarvis effect? After the market closed today, Dell said “BOO!” to its shareholders:

“Dell posted preliminary third-quarter earnings below expectations amid weaker sales to U.S. consumers and in Britain….Dell, whose shares fell as much as 5.1 percent in after-hours trade, also said it would take charges of about $450 million in the third quarter for costs of repairing some computer systems for customers…”

Observation: In hindsight, when he blogged his frustration with Dell last summer, Jeff Jarvis was experiencing something that the company is now admitting was taking place on a much broader scale. (However, I guess Forbes would call Dell a “victim” of a blogger attack.) Here, we have an example of a frustrated, then angry, articulate blogger serving as a leading indicator of underlying problems.

2 thoughts on “The Jarvis effect?

  1. I doubt this had anything to do with Jarvis. I think bloggers like to overweigh their importance in the universe.

  2. I agree with you. I didn’t say I think Jeff “caused” Dell to lose $400 million. I said the problem he was having with Dell apparently was widespread, not an isolated problem. His blogging it was an indication of a problem — not the cause of the problem.

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