Wi-fi wagon

Wi-fi wagon: Ford is announcing a new dealer-installed package it plans to offer next year in F-250 pickup trucks. While it’s aimed primarily at the construction trade, I know a few bloggers who would love such a set-up on wheels.


Ford expects to offer the mobile office as a dealer-installed accessory in 2006. Pricing isn’t finalized, but it would cost around $3,000 for a wireless-equipped computer, printer and global positioning system…Add-ons like a digital camera and credit card scanner also would be available.

Hmm. If only they offered it in a Mac version.

(via: smallbiztechnology.com)

2 thoughts on “Wi-fi wagon

  1. I cringe at the thought of this system migrating down into vehicles more oriented to the general driver. People already read, eat, dress, fix their faces and hair, shave, enter stuff in PDAs and even try to work on laptops while driving.

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