Old and new

Old and new: Yesterday, I preached about something and then I saw it practiced. In the morning I was on a panel at the Folio: Show with the editors of Backpacker Magazine and the Canadian Magazine Today’s Parent talking with a couple hundred magazine editors about ways to connect with their readers. “A magazine is not a community — community is real people connecting” I told them, “but a magazine can help bring a community together.”

Then, I took the train to D.C. where I hung out with a couple hundred readers of PaidContent.org at a “MediaNext” mixer. PaidContent creator Rafat Ali and Staci Kramer, executive editor, understand the importance of “faciilitating the creation of community” as well as any publisher/editor team I know.

And at the MediaNext event, despite the room being filled with “new media” and tech-types, I even got to meet b-2-b magazine industry blogger, David Shaw, after months of trying.

Thanks to Rafat and Staci, who continually do amazing reporting at PadiContent.org and who are demonstrating how to build a B-to-B media company from the ground up with the newest medium but following the oldest strategy: hard work.