news/blog search news/blog search: has added 15,000 blogs to its “crawling, tagging engine” — and doesn’t segregate the blog results from the “news” results like Yahoo. Searching the word “blogs,” here are the results via and Yahoo! news.

I think I’m supposed to say I like the way, but I personally prefer the Yahoo! news display on the respective results pages. I think it’s more a usability issue than a philosophical one that is influencing my preference. On some topics, I tend to prefer bloggers as sources rather than traditional news sources. Personally, I like having them in separate lists. Again, this is just a personal preference — I understand and appreciate the argument that leads one to feel all sources should be integrated into one batch of results.

However, in one regard, I see that I am going to be a big fan of the approach: I like having news & blog sources aggregated on the RSS feeds of certain keywords I track via This probably makes no sense to anyone else, but for some reason, on a web page, I like separate results. On an RSS feed, I like combined results.

(via: lots of people, including Michael Arrington at techcrunch)