It’s official: 1999 2.0

It’s official: It’s 1999 2.0: I may be wrong (it happens all the time), but I’m having a hard time recalling a post-bubble launch of a new (not a dejazine) print magazine specifically for “those involved in the design, development, management and promotion of websites.” I do recall the rise and fall of several such titles during 1999 1.0.

Today, that’s happening (from the press release):

Website Services, Inc., today announced the launch of its flagship publication, Website Services Magazine…. “This is the first offline publication of its kind,” said Managing Editor Peter Prestipino. “There are other magazines that focus on niche aspects of the Web such as development or affiliate programs, or those which provide news or act as a who’s who of the Internet world, but WSM is the only publication that publishes information exclusively on how to effectively and efficiently run a website.”