Why God allowed Flash to be invented

Why God allowed Flash to be invented: I’ll leave it to the technolosophers (and people who, unlike me, actually care to debate this topic) to decide whether or not Flash-based applications are Web 2.0ish enough to gain admittance into the club or earn a place on the map.

As for me, all those years of clicking past really bad Flash animations on the front pages of marketing firm websites led me to conclude Flash should have never made it out of Web.beta.

Then, I saw Ultimate Flash Face, a sort of, do-it-yourself forensic artist tool-toy-time-waster. Even though I don’t know when it was created or by whom and am merely assuming it is Flash (however, with a name like Flash Face, it would be a shame if it isn’t), I give it a Web 2.97 for fun and since you can save and share a face you “draw,” I guess it passes the “social” portion of the Web 2.0 litmus test.

I wonder if marketing firms will rush to replace those Flash animations on their website front pages with stuff like this in order to claim they are Web 2.0 savvy.

(via: Coudal Partners)