The semantics web?

The semantics web? I know I’ve been asking this question for over six year (I have proof below): What does one call this stuff we do?

I’ll agree with one thing. I’m not a consumer generating content. (But I’ll defer to a long-ago post from Doc Searls to explain why.)

Mary Hodder also doesn’t like the word “consumer” as in consumer-generated content. She prefers “user” as in user-generated content.

Robert Scoble hates being called a “user” and would rather be a participant, as in, I presume, “participatory media.”

Kevin Marks digs into the Latin and French origin of the word “amateur” and says it’s no slight to call it amateur (as in “lovingly created”) media.

Dave Winer also thinks amateur is a good word, and has been saying so for a long time.

How do I know I’ve been wondering what to call this for over six years? Well, on September 23, 1999, I registered the URL “” — So, I’d be happy if we’d all just agree on that one.

Others terms: Citizens media (but to me, that sounds like CB radio – breaker, breaker). I pushed the term “folk media” once, but I think it was Jeff Jarvis who suggested that sounded like something performed by Peter, Paul & Mary.

My name is rex and I’m addicted to

My name is rex and I’m addicted to: checking the rexblog frappr map to see who’s added their name (and photo). By the way, there appear to be some new Frappr features. If you register, you can edit a shout out or add a photo later. Also, they’ve added some code so someone with a frappr map can do the following cool “slide show” thing (although the slide show feature doesn’t seem to work in Safari – it does in Firefox.):

(IMAGE REMOVED: It was slowing down the page load.)

While I’m joking about the “addicted” thing — I’m more like in denial, I must say that this mash-up of names, map location and photos is a compelling feature that gives me a sense that this weblog has a, despite hating this next cliché, community. Especially since this is a weblog with relatively few commentors.

Randomly rexblogged

Randomly rexblogged: Recent magazine news links from and other random links:

MPA salutes Cathleen Black, William Buckley |
Cathleen P. Black, president at Hearst Magazines, and William F. Buckley Jr., founder and editor-at-large of National Review, have been chosen to receive consumer

Shifting from print to online | Paul Conley’s weblog
“Our jobs are becoming less about print and more about multimedia.”

‘Cigar City Magazine’ focuses on Ybor City and Tampa | Tampa Bay Business Journal
Three entrepreneurs driven by their families’ heritage have created a magazine focused on the colorful history and culture of Ybor City and Tampa.

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Nashville news day

Nashville news day: I know there are some people who read this weblog who tire of my Nashville hyperlocal blogging. Then, there are others who wish I’d skip all that other stuff.

But it’s not everyday that a Nashvillian (geez, and someone I actually know) is nominated to be an FCC commissioner and a huge auto maker announces it is moving its North American headquarters here.

(By the way, I would have linked to the Nissan website, but it’s one of those Flash sites that hate my browser.)