Lost is podcasting

Lost is podcasting: ABC has started an official podcast for those of us who are obsessed with the TV series Lost.

Sidenote: I found last night’s episode rather lack-luster except for the “big thing” that happened at the end.

Warning: The comments on this post include some “spoiler” information about what happened on the most recent episode (what were you thinking, Laura?). So, if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t click on the “comments” link or you’ll be eaten by a giant polar bear.

(Thanks to Shannon, no not that Shannon, for the link.)

8 thoughts on “Lost is podcasting

  1. I agree about last night’s episode. Granted, I forgot it was on until about 8:30, but it was also the first episode I actually caught on TV. Maybe I got spoiled, but I think watching Lost via DVD or itunes is the way to go. Or I could just get that DVR thing, I guess.

  2. I liked last night’s episode! I was tired of all things hatch, so it was good to be back in the jungle. I’m also glad that next week we’ll learn more about the tailies. Interesting/scary that it looks like some kids from the tail were taken…
    p.s. Boone’s hair in the flashback was terrible.

  3. I give last night’s episode a thumbs up because #1 the scary whispering voices and the threat of the Others really ratcheted up the tension and #2 the creators didn’t kill off one of my fave characters, that mad-bad-dangerous-to-know con man Sawyer. Check out http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com for a funny recap.

  4. I was bored with last night’s episode. I was actually scolded by a better Lost fan for admitting this, and told that had I watched the whole first season, I would have loved it.

    I doubt it, though. I was mad that they killed Shannon, though I too was glad they didn’t kill Sawyer. I really wanted that bossy woman to bite the dust. Anyone else tired of her being cranky all the time? I forgot her name. I get it, bad things have happened to them, but everyone in the tail-end group isn’t evil. C’mon, buck up lil cowgirl!!

    🙂 OK clearly I will never be a great TV pundit. I do like the voices. What ARE they???? And, if they start messing around with the children, I will have to quit watching this show. Just fair warning.

    Oh, and one last thought: what if the Others are ALL kids?? What if this is Lord of the Flies revisited on the adults??? Hahaha that would crack me up.

  5. Well, a child has already been kidnapped. Does that count? I do think we’re going to discover the tailees are going to represent a less enlightened, more primitive response to disaster. They didn’t get all the handy cargo, like sun block, the rest of the passengers got. However, I’m a little concerned with how all these new people are going to be woven into the show. The overhead with having such a huge cast has got to be incredible. Also, as I don’t read the “Lost” forums (other than this comment thread), is there in tea-leaf information found in analysizing the cast photos on the official Lost website? Like, do they indicate who is going to be killed off in future episodes — or not?

  6. The way these killed-off characters seem to return regularly reminds me of a line in one of my favorite books, Look Homeward, Angel: “O Lost, and by the wind grieved, ghost, come back again.”

    BTW, I like following the show by reading comments from people who watch the show, just like I follow “24” by reading Dave Barry’s Blog. Highly entertaining, if often mystifying.

  7. Well it did take a lot for y’all to convince me to come back after the first episode of the season [when Walt was kidnapped].

    I have never read Look Homeward, but Bill, you are the second person I hold in high esteem who calls it their favorite. Maybe that’s what I should do next Wednesday night instead.

  8. I haven’t read anything about positioning=death in the cast photos…The best way to tell who’s going to be killed off next (if you happen to live in L.A.) is to see who’s spotted around town. A recent NY Times interview with the exec producers said that more characters would be killed-off down the road; and that the producers worried that filming in Hawaii was going to make it hard to keep the secret. I guess “Shannon” was spotted whooping it up back on the mainland while the “others” were working in Hawaii.

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