My name is rex and I’m addicted to

My name is rex and I’m addicted to: checking the rexblog frappr map to see who’s added their name (and photo). By the way, there appear to be some new Frappr features. If you register, you can edit a shout out or add a photo later. Also, they’ve added some code so someone with a frappr map can do the following cool “slide show” thing (although the slide show feature doesn’t seem to work in Safari – it does in Firefox.):

(IMAGE REMOVED: It was slowing down the page load.)

While I’m joking about the “addicted” thing — I’m more like in denial, I must say that this mash-up of names, map location and photos is a compelling feature that gives me a sense that this weblog has a, despite hating this next cliché, community. Especially since this is a weblog with relatively few commentors.