randomly rexblogged | links from 11.11.2005

randomly rexblogged | links from 11.11.2005: Recent magazine news links from deli.cio.us/rexblog and other random links:

All the news that’s fit to blog | News.com
“Some of the most respected print journalists around still treat blogs as if they were lab specimens–at best interesting oddities but clearly not something to cuddle up to for very long.”

IBM Sees Blogging as Marketing Next Big Thing | AdAge.com
Eyeing blogging’s potential as a way to influence potential employees and business partners, IBM began formally offering blogging tools to its workers six months ago. The tools came complete with a list of a dozen guidelines assembled, in true new-media fashion, by contribution to an internal “wiki” over a 10-day period.

A Call from More B2B Awards for Online Work | David Shaw’s weblog
“It would be nice to see American Business Media take the lead in expanding Neal entry categories in the future. Categories that the editorially-driven Neals could also recognize: Pod/videocast, blog, digital/electronic publication (original, not repurposed, content.)

How to Write a Novel in 100 Days | John Coyne
“What you need to do each day for the next hundred days to write your novel.”

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