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Inherit the Wind blogging: This morning, Paul Chenoweth is asking what people are doing with their “geekend.” Apparently, some bloggers watch TV on Saturday mornings. Both Dave Pell and Staci Kramer caught segments of Inherit the Wind this morning.
On her blog, Staci posted this memorable dialogue from a scene in the movie:

Drummond: You’re going to broadcast?
Announcer: We’ve got a direct wire to WGN Chicago. As soon as the jury returns, we’ll broadcast the verdict.
Drummond: Radio. God, that’s going to break down a lot of walls.
Announcer: You’re not supposed to say “God” on the radio.
Drummond: Why the hell not?
Announcer (covering the mike): You’re not supposed to say “hell” either.
Drummond: This is going to be a barren source of amusment.

Geekendish observation: The director of Inherit the Wind is Stanley Kramer. Any relation, Staci?

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