randomly rexblogged (links from 11.12.2005)

randomly rexblogged (links from 11.12.2005): (Recent magazine news links from deli.cio.us/rexblog and other random links)

Publisher Tries to Keep Equine Magazine Going After Hurricanes | TheHorse.com
“Clark’s trying to pick up where she left off with her magazine, Horseman’s Guide of the South Central Region. Katrina hit at a point in the production cycle where the magazine would have accrued more than $50,000 in advertising. However, many of the advertisers’ businesses were destroyed by the hurricane, some relocated, and most just cannot afford to advertise at this time. Normally, Clark would have 300-350 advertisers. She’s down to 63.”

Our obsessions fuel participatory media | Hypergene MediaBlog
“Participatory media is fueled by people who fanatically follow and passionately discuss their favorite subjects. Their weblogs, podcasts, forums and collaborative communities, while perhaps not as professionally produced, are chock full of style, voice and attitude. Passion makes the experience not only compelling and memorable but also credible. You only need to look at all the web sites dedicated to ABC’s hit TV-show, Lost to get a glimpse of this phenomenon.”

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