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The Tennessean & Bblogging: While other Nashville media (notably the ABC affiliate, WKRN, and the alternative weekly, Scene) embraced blogs and bloggers early-on, the city’s daily newspaper has been notably late to the party, at times appearing to go out of their way to pretend blogs didn’t exist.

And now, the paper is appropriating the “title” of weblog to describe what this reporter’s diary is. (Although, as you can see in this promo on the’s front page, they’ve decided it should be spelled, WebBLOG. Also, it’s now Nov. 13, and it hasn’t been updated since Nov. 10 — and this is a temporary webBLOG for a series of events that lasts only a week.)

While I have been an advocate of not setting “rules” for what is and is not a blog — mainly regarding writing style and format, I do adhere to an unwritten rex-test that goes something like this: “I know a blog when I see one.” And, according to the rex-test, what the Tennessean is doing is not a blog.

For instance, if it were a blog, it would allow me to add a comment to each post saying how ridiculouos I think it is that the CMA is holding its annual awards show in New York City. It would also allow me to link to a specific post (note to Tennessean: if you ever do this, call it a “permalink,” not a permaLINK.)

With all the impressive (even inspiring) examples of newspapers using weblogs to do serious reporting, it is rather strange for the Tennessean to feel the need to place the title “webBLOG” on a lame feature that’s not even a weblog.

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  1. I’m still wondering when they will get their search function working well, so it doesn’t surprise me they used a lame “branding” kind of ploy to make it appear they are, like, hip.

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