Warning – another Google mash-up map addiction

Warning – another Google mash-up map addiction: For walkers,
bikers and joggers and others who like to inflate how far you’ve
walked, biked and jogged, at least you can get some idea of how much
you’ve inflated the distance (without wasting fossil fuel to measure
it), thanks to some clever folks who came up with a Google mash-up map
thing called  gmap-pedometer. Also, they have a forum where folks can post links
to routes they’ve mapped out. (If someone in Chicago would like to post
their favorite 4-mile route in downtown, I would find that especially
helpful over the next few days.)

(Thanks for the pointer, Shannon)

2 thoughts on “Warning – another Google mash-up map addiction

  1. it’s also great for planning cycling routes too. even though i have a cyclometer, i always end up riding 20 miles or so and then simply turning around and going back to the way i came, so it’ll be nice to come up with a few good loops instead.

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