5 thoughts on “Gee whiz

  1. I’m a Vandy donor and I don’t begrudge the money. It is a LOT — I’ll grant you that. But if you look at where Joe B. Wyatt [previous chancellor] and Gee have taken Vandy in the past 15 years…money well spent! My degree gets more impressive every year. [Yeah, I know, what’s that really worth. Hey, when I’m 80, I’ll be really proud of stuff like that.]

    When my dad went to Vandy, it was a good regional institution. Now it’s one of the best universities in the country, in academics, research and quality of life [well we always had that 😉 ]– and yes, even athletics. [Look beyond football once in a while.]

  2. Hey, Laura. I agree with you. I’m proud that Vanderbilt is paying its chancellor more than its football head coach. However, if they won an SEC championship and packed the stadium each week, I might change my opinion. : )

  3. At Vandy, it might be close. Everywhere else, no contest — we all know it’s the football coaches. 🙂

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