Blogging is different?

Blogging is different? Steven Baker is a journalist at BusinessWeek. He’s also a blogger who is paid to (or is it required to? encouraged to? allowed to?) by BusinessWeek to blog about blogging. As I’ve said many times on this blog and other places, Steven Baker is a journalist who truly understands (by doing) the nuanced difference in writing for a publication like BusinessWeek, for it’s online property,, and for his blog.

Today, on his blog, he asks one of those questions that indicate once more that he’s a print and online journalist who is really trying to understand what “participatory media” or “amateur media” or whatever you want to call it means to the practice of journalism, both online and in print.

Today, he writes:

I’m facing a job unheard of in the blogosphere. I’ve been told to rewrite a story with an entirely different approach. I’d worked hard on the draft, and I liked it. My question: When we publish this story, should I blog the first draft? I’d imagine that at least a few readers will prefer it, and there’s no shortage of space online. In the end, it will be up to the top editors to decide how much of our editorial process we want to open up.

Great question. I look forward to seeing how commentors answers on his blog.

One thought on “Blogging is different?

  1. Hi Rex, Thanks for the post and nice words. To answer your parenthetical question, I would say I’m encouraged to blog. I could quit it tomorrow if I wanted to, but I like it, and the mag likes it that we’re out there. That said, I don’t think too many of my colleagues read the thing.

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