Batter up

Batter up: Yesterday, I played the part of blogger poster child in Philadelphia for a room full of academic librarians and academic journal publishers. (Mom would be proud.) They were taking part in a day-long conference about Web 2.0. The organizer of event was nice enough to invite me even though she knew I am not a fan of the term “Web 2.0” (my beef: it’s an unnecessary buzzword that tries to tie together a lot of other buzzwords and acronyms to make something old seem new — and funding-worthy).

Right before I talked, Sean Forman, a math and computer science professor at St. Joseph’s University spoke about Wikis. I don’t follow baseball, so I wasn’t familiar with Sean’s truly incredible website, or his equally staggering collaborative encyclopedia about baseball a wiki called the Baseball-Reference Bullpen.

Because of Sean’s presentation, I now know that real wiki people call it “wee-key,” not wick-ee, like I do. From now on, I’ll be pronouncing it that way also. (Sorry, but I can’t reveal the secret handshake.)

One thought on “Batter up

  1. Rex,

    I enjoyed your talk. I too was a little surprised by some of the hostility (from publishers and librarians) to the new developments in web technology.

    Also, re: wickey vs. weekey. I’ve always pronounced it wickey, but while researching my talk came across an official description by Cunningham. Weekey is the original correct pronunciation, but wickey is considered acceptable as well and I’ll probably use that myself.

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