The Wizard & Oz

The Wizard & Oz: When the
chief technology office of Microsoft
and Dave Winer start sending blog shout-outs to one-another, even a non-technical person like me has learned to take note.

Other than having to learn a new acronym (SSE, for simple sharing extension — of RSS), I think I get it after reading Ray Ozzie’s explanation of it. It’s sort of a Real Simple Synching solution. Writes Ray:

“There are many great item synchronization mechanisms out there (and at Microsoft), but we decided we’d never get short term network effects among products if we selected something complicated – even if it were powerful.   What we really longed for was “the RSS of synchronization” … something simple that would catch on very quickly.”

Note to Apple: This time, it’s okay to follow Microsoft’s lead. Please.

TiVo to “rankle” TV executives today

TiVo to “rankle” TV executives today: (from Monday’s Wall Street Journal – I’ll look for ‘un-walled’ sources also) “TiVo plans to begin testing software that enables the video downloads to iPods within the next couple of weeks and to make it widely available to TiVo users in the first quarter of next year for a one-time fee, most likely between $15 and $30. An Apple spokesman declined to comment on TiVo’s plans.”

Via AP, it’s an enhancement of the feature TiVoToGo, which allows someone to convert TiVo recordings to files that will run on Windows. Coming soon, you’ll be able to convert the files to PSP or iPod video files. According to the story, the files will still have DRM “protection.”

Observation: The TV executives may hate this, but it’s merely a means to shift a copy of a video I’ve recorded for my personal usage from one platform to another so that I can enjoy it where and when I want. Also, the last party to care is Apple, as the revenues they will receive from selling iTunes video downloads is a nothing compared to the money they can make from selling video iPods if everyone with TiVo starts buying them so they can download programming from their TiVos. (The same is true for Sony and its PSP.)