Karlgaard’s freakonomic observation

Karlgaard’s freakonomic observation: Forbes magazine publisher (and now blogger) Rich Karlgaard points out that every week, the U.S. economy creates 30,000 jobs. Why, then, does mainstream media (except, I guess, for Forbes) think it’s news only when 30,000 jobs are lost?Karlgaard believes that mainstream media (and, for that matter, politicians and academics) tend to view the world in terms of zero-sum: where there’s a winner, there’s a corresponding loser. That’s because in the world of politics, traditional media and academia, that’s true: there is a finite number of editor positions, governorships and professorships.

However, what happens when something like the blogosphere allows unlimited “winners”?

Karlgaard suggests:

“Meanwhile, the most energetic, original and positive writing has been migrating to the Web and to blogs. No surprise here. Anybody who creates a blog is: (a) an entrepreneur and thus probably NOT a zero-sum thinker; (b) a producer first and a consumer second. These two attributes alone guarantee that the blogger probably has a more accurate view of the world, and how it really works, than does the zero-sum thinker toiling away at his MSM position.”

Again, that’s the publisher of Forbes magazine writing. That’s a long way from the whole ” attack of the blogs” zero-sum cover-story of three weeks ago.

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