Cluetrain incarnate

Cluetrain incarnate: is about to educate marketers on what wikis are and how their lives will never be the same. The addition of a “product wiki” on every Amazon product page will prove once and for all, markets are conversations. For the record, this isn’t Web 2.0. This is Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999. What a great time to be alive — if you make great products.

Ironically, I can’t get the product wikis to work (heaven help them if it doesn’t work for Mac users — surely that’s not the problem) and they don’t show up on every browser I’ve tested them on. I’ll be updating this post as I learn more about them. In addition to the screen shot on the left, here is a screen shot of the product wiki explanation on

Update: By the way, for those who have been asking if wikis have a business model, here’s your answer. And, they also have a business disruption model, as well.

(via: Church of the Consumer Weblog and Micropersuasion)

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One thought on “Cluetrain incarnate

  1. Grrr. Is this in beta? I’ve spent 15 minutes in several sections on Amazon and can’t find it. I give up!

    I do see their newish tag feature and the review search.

    My perennial Amazon question: when do they become Microsoft, with feature bloat? On the plus side, they aren’t sucking space on my hard drive. However, look at ALL THAT STUFF crammed into every single page. Yikes.

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