Miss America misses Nashville

Miss America misses Nashville: Despite the speculation (but not by me) that it may move to Nashville (due to its new relationship with CMT), the Miss America Pageant is moving to Las Vegas. However, the new host, James Denton, is a Nashville native. Personally, I prefer they bring back Bert Parks to host it, but as he died in 1992 (about the same time the pageant did), I guess that’s not happening.

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Puppy tag means ecto user

Puppy tag means ecto user: I’ve been testing the desktop blogging tool, ecto, for the past few days (at Steve Rubel’s suggestion)
and because of a neat tagging feature it has, I’ve been including more
tags in recent posts. However, when you add a custom tag to the ecto
tag list, the field is pre-populated with the word “puppy” which you
type over with your new tag. As I quickly learned, it’s easy to post
something with the tag “puppy” included if you don’t watch out. It made
me wonder, how many of these Technorati citations are from careless ecto users like me.

Update: Ahh. I knew there would be a solution to this. Thanks. I still like the “puppy” tag.

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