Google map shopping mashup

Google map shopping mashup: Google actually mashed this up themselves: A Web 2-ey Google map thingee that lets you map out your local shopping trip. And I say “you,” as I won’t be needing a map to the mall. I know where I’m going and how to type in the order.

Here’s how it works: Do a search on Froogle that combines a product and a zipcode (“ipod near 37205”). That gives you a map that lists where you can find the product, the price, and shows you how to get there.

Helpful hint: Search from the “Advanced Froogle Search” and you can limit your search in a wide variety ways related to price and location.It’s not flawless, however. I did a search on my zipcode and the product “iPod” and the top ten places I can purchase one does not include the Apple Store that is less than three miles from my house.

Haven’t had time to figure out: Do people just shop for one item at a time? What if I have ten things I want to shop for and want to have a map that combines them all? There will be dots all over the place. I guess that’s where the Advanced Search will come in handy. I’m sure there’s a hack for this, but I have neither the time nor interest to figure that one out. (Who knows? By this afternoon, someone will probably get VC funding to launch a Web 2.0 company built around mashing up the Froogle shopping map with a delivery service called, who knows, Kozmo 2.0, that will deliver the merchandise to your home.)

(AP Story about the shopping map.)

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