When “real people” know you’re a blogger

When “real people” know you’re a blogger: Today at different events, I’ve seen lots of people I have known for years through family, civic and business activities. As I am whenever I hear the remark, I was surprised when several people said, “I’ve read your blog.” (My favorite comment was someone who said, “I read about your blog.”)

And then, someone didn’t even say, “I’ve read your blog,” — they just started talking to me about a specific post I made a few days ago, picking up the conversation where I’d left off in my post.

Whenever anything like this happens, I have this strange feeling somewhere between amazement and fear. Years ago, when I started this blog, I didn’t really think about it having an audience beyond the employees of Hammock Publishing and a few of my magazine wonk friends. I certainly didn’t think “civilians” would discover it.

And I certainly never thought I’d be known more for being a blogger than for other things I do.

But that’s okay. I like it.

Indeed, I’m thankful for it.

Heck, people used to think I had something to do with publishing.

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