iDeals? I hate to be shilling for Apple, but since I know there are several Mac and iPod users who read this blog, I thought I should remind you that on the day after Thanksgiving, Apple Stores and knock prices down on lots of products — unfortunately, they don’t tell you what’s going to be for sale until the day. While I can think of a few thousand places other than a shopping mall I’d rather be on the day after Thanksgiving, who knows, I may go check it out. (Another hint: Most Apple stores open early tomorrow. For example, the one in Nashville opens at 8 a.m.)

Update: Here’s the stuff on sale today only at Apple Stores (you can get them at the Apple Store online (the link takes you there), as well)

Here are some good deals if you’re considering any of these items:

  • Save $11 on a might mouse (I’ve been waiting for a blue tooth version)
  • Free Laser Engraving on iPods (I think this is an online deal, only — I can attest it’s worth it if you plan on losing yours. Also, some folks have fun with this feature.
  • Save $50 on a .Mac membership (I have one for specific reasons not everyone needs. This is half-price.)
  • Save $5 on an Incase Sleeve for Nano (I have one, it’s great).
  • Save $50 on an iSight camera (then we can video chat)
  • Save $30 on an AirPort Express (the coolest gadget I have. Can be a base station (great for hotels) or wifi-relay if you have Airport extreme as your base or a wireless means to print or play music through a sound system.)
  • Also, they’re knocking $101 off iMac G5s ($1,198) and iBook G4s ($898)
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    5 thoughts on “iDeals?

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Rex! I was able to save five bucks on my online Apple Store purchase today. Every little bit helps…

    2. Okay. I saved $61 today. And while crowded, it wasn’t a mad house at the Mall. Maybe I should go hang out there more often.

    3. I never said I was going to boycott purchasing or using their products. Just that I was going to stop being an Apple cultist. I have tried to stop blogging about them in such a fawning manner. Also, when Apple decided to add podcasting to iTunes, I fell off my no-Apple blogging wagon.

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