Dave Winer is less enchanted

Dave Winer is less enchanted: …with his video iPod after he hooked it up with a Mac other than the one he used to set it up. Key quote: “Honestly, how dare they design software that’s so brutal?” (I’ve been there and done that.)

Note of thanks to Dave: I always learn lots when you’re learning something new and blog the process. Thanks for letting me draft off your process of discovering the good and the bad. (I especially like you pointing to Mark Pilgrim’s (great Thanksgiving name, by the way) helpful tutorial on how Mac users can rip (or, as I would say, “time-shift a file for personal usage“) a DVD movie using free software to a format they can use in iTunes or on a video iPod.)

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2 thoughts on “Dave Winer is less enchanted

  1. I like Dave Winer, but frankly his complaint is ridiculous. He made a dumb rookie mistake, and he blames Apple. It’s Apple’s fault that he can’t watch a movie on the New York subway. Give me a break. He didn’t think before he acted. Own your mistake, Dave.

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