It’s also the way Barbara Walters pronounces my name

It’s also the way Barbara Walters pronounces my name: Wex is a “collaboratively built, freely available legal dictionary and encyclopedia” from Cornell Law School.

I know that definition sounds like a “wiki” and the platform on which Wex is running quacks and waddles like a wiki, however, apparently they are reluctant to call it a wiki because they’re not letting just anyone collaborate on it: You actually have to know what you’re writing about. I have no problem with that: If there is a collaboratively built brain surgery “dictionary and encyclopedia” out there somewhere, I’d be happy to learn they limit the contributors to brain surgeons and other qualified authorities on the topic.

Interesting question on the Wex FAQ, however:

Why not just contribute law material to Wikipedia?

Excellent question. In time, we may offer our material to Wikipedia, or otherwise merge our efforts with theirs. In the short term, we want to retain more control over what appears here. Once we have a better idea of what stresses and strains are involved in running such a system, we may consider moving.

(via: ResourceShelf)

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