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Walk the Line: I saw the movie Walk the Line Friday night and while it’s no Coal Miner’s Daughter, it’s one of the better “Nashville” movies I’ve seen and one of the better bio-pics, in general. While I doubt he’ll win, Joaquin Phoenix should get an Oscar nomination for his Johnny Cash role. (If Jamie Foxx had not won for Ray last year, I think Phoenix’ chances would be better. Oddly, there are many things about Walk the Line and Ray that run parallel.) That Reese Witherspoon is from Nashville (her home and high school are both less than a mile from where I saw the movie) adds to the hometown tie-in.

Other Nashville movie tidbits: Joaquin Phoenix’ brother, River, starred in a not-that-great movie filmed in Nashville, The Thing Called Love, shortly before he died. Also this list of films with Nashville-related locations reveals a bit of trivia I’ve never heard (and still can’t believe): some exterior scenes of the Matrix were shot here, including the skyline in the opening Trinity rooftop chase.

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  1. I don’t know I would call it a “Nashville” movie. None of it was filmed here and very little of it took place here. Even the Nashville scenes were filmed in Memphis. As much as I love my adopted hometown over my birth hometown, I’d really have to call this more of a “Memphis” movie.

  2. How funny. Summer and I saw Walk The Line on Friday night also. We were both very impressed and would recommend it to anyone. I haven’t been able to stop singing Johnny Cash songs since we saw it…

  3. Marc, I’ll let you take it up with the Internet Movie Database as to whether any of the scenes were shot in Nashville. And yes, this is definitely a “Memphis” movie. But I think if you asked 1,000 people on the street what city they associated Johnny Cash with, 999 would say Nashville. (Elvis would get 75% saying Memphis, but I’ve discovered in my travels, people outside the south, still get the Memphis-Nashville thing mixed up when it comes to Elvis…or, at least they think they’re right next to each other.) As for “Memphis movies,” the greatest Memphis movie of the year, indeed perhaps of all time, was Hustle & Flow which I predict will edge out Walk the Line in collecting Oscars, including in the best actor category. All in all, it was a good year for movies with Tennessee connections.

  4. Oh yeah. Hustle and Flow is in my Netflix queue. I some how totally missed it when it was in the theater. I’ve been told that I’ll recognize many of the location in that one too.

    As for the info on IMDB, that is user submitted so the accuracy of the data there is always suspect. I know for a fact the apartment they filmed the scene with Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings was supposed to be in Nashville, but was actually filmed in a building across the street from an apartment building I used to live in back in Memphis. The same apartment building I lived in was used for an exterior shot of Johnny and Vivian’s apartment in Memphis earlier in the film. The scenes of the house on the lake looks much more like Horn Lake in Mississippi than it does any of the lakes I’ve seen here int eh Nashville area. The lake in the movie was just far too “dirty”. 😉

  5. while watching the bit about the show in texarkana i recalled my mom telling me about her and her friends following elvis off stage and, um, accosting him at a show in texarkana where she grew up. i called her after the film to ask when that was, and sure enough she said it was 1955 or ’56, but she couldn’t remember who else was singing that night and apparently elvis played texarkana a fair amount at the time since he lived only a couple hours away in shreveport. in any case, i wonder if that show in the movie was based on an actual performance; if so, my mom just might have been there.

    i also saw the movie at the same nashville theater as you, rex, and reese’s parents live literally around the corner from me, but this and other nashville related facts were lost on the person i kept nudging and whispering them to during the film.

  6. The production designer, David Bomba, is from Mississippi, and several scenes were shot in Mississippi. Johnny Cash’s old home place was “constructed” for the movie in Eudora, MS. (The cotton field scene was also shot in Eudora.) The Las Vegas scenes were filmed at Sam’s Town in Tunica. Cash’s home outside Nashville actually was a lake house located just outside Hernando. And, my last Mississippi tidbit, I promise, one of his daughters still lives in Mississippi in the Jackson area.

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