Right next to the holiday menorah

Right next to the holiday menorah: Somehow I missed the controversy over our mayor’s decision to rename the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree into the politically correct-sounding lighting of the “holiday tree.” “According to the Mayor’s office, it’s a term to include all things and all people regardless of their faith,” reported NewsChannel 5. As we say around here on the rexblog, when something means all things to all people, it means nothing to no one.

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5 thoughts on “Right next to the holiday menorah

  1. One has to wonder if folks who don’t have Christmas – or trees as a totem – as a part of their religious observances might feel that this attempt to be PC actually is more intrusive into their customs than a would be. That said, everyone please come to my house for some traditional Roman Saturnalia obsesrvances. Togas required.

  2. …and then, where is the ‘socially conscious’ discussion surrounding the killing of a live organism that supports our ecosystem, to somehow celebrate a season? (I just love misplaced indignation) *snark*

  3. I own three vintage aluminum trees, which must be some kind of recycling although I guess we could get into reparations to the exploited workers who mined the bauxite in the 1950s to make the metal for those trees. But let’s have a few tots of eggnog first.

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