Christmas bluegrass benefit concert

Christmas bluegrass benefit concert: Sunday (tomorrow) night at the Station Inn (where tonight is “Bill Monroe Appreciation Night”), is the 6th Annual Christmas Bluegrass Benefit Concert for the Homeless. Held annually on the first Sunday of December, it goes from 7 p.m. until 11 or 12. It will benefit the Room In The Inn program of the Campus For Human Development. Donations are $15 (or more) at the door.

Artists include Gene Johnson (of Diamond Rio), Larry Stephenson Band, Eddie & Martha Adcock, Missy Raines, Thom Bresh (son o fMerle Travis), Tim Graves & Cherokee, Don Rigsby, Jimmy Bowen & Santa Fe, Valerie Smith Band and More. You can find more info at Cybergrass.

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Generation @, ugh

Generation @, ugh: Obviously, I think the whole social networking, social media nexus is a major phenomenon in our lives and business and world. But please, don’t try to hang a goofy “generation” title on it like “Generation @” and “MySpace Generation.” The new BusinessWeek cover story throws both of these buzz titles against the refrigerator to see which will stick.

Here’s my deal: If either of these goofy “generation” tags gain legs, can we drop the whole “Web. 2 meme” as a tradeoff?

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