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B2B blogs will be big in 2006, or maybe they won’t: B2B’s Media Business Magazine rounds up some expert predictions of 2006 trends and gets this nugget:

Thomas Flynn, advertising director at VNU’s Sales & Marketing Management…expects blogs to continue building content on the Web, (but he) isn’t enthusiastic about their business potential. “Blogs have a limited appeal to advertisers because the content is very subjective and unregulated,” he said.

But (Stacey Artandi, VP-online publishing at ALM Media) took a contrary stance on blogs. “Blogs will continue to grow, not just in numbers, but in significance,” she said. “In many cases in the legal field, bloggers are becoming as trusted as traditional media sources. In 2006, I believe, blogs will also make significant headway in figuring out business models.”

In the spirit of the holiday season, I will be charitable and give Mr. Flynn a break. (Although Santa should bring him a clue.)

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