Return of the

Return of I noticed the following news deep in Liz Garrigan’s “desperately seeking the news” column:

…business reporter Richard Lawson, who recently quit his job at the daily paper, appeared as an expert on WKRN-Channel 2 that night saying that the automotive jobs may eventually return and that this is only a temporary setback for the city…. Regard that as a possible preview of what’s to come. Sources tell the Scene that the online business publication, which ceased publishing in August pending a review of the operation, is expected to relaunch soon, with Lawson covering development and commercial real estate, writer E. Thomas Wood covering health care and courts and former Democratic political operative Ken Whitehouse covering politics. The pub is in talks with Channel 2 to share its content with the station and would get promotion from WKRN in return…

That would be great for anyone desperately seeking Nashville business news — as long as they drop the paid subscription approach this time out.

(via: “News of Nashville Technology,” a newsletter from Milt Capps that you can see online here.)

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