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Yahoo answers: If someone describes Yahoo Answers as being Web 2.0, I’ll not rant, but merely have a knowing smile. For as a few readers of this blog will recognize, Yahoo! Answers is an attempt to do exactly what I attempted to do with the original version of (I’ll post some screen shots of the early site later) in 2000. (Back in the day, the site had lots more social networking features but none of Yahoo’s vast array of financial resources and related heft, so, alas, that early version of the site didn’t make it through the dot.bust — today, it’s a humble little service run by one guy (me) and some helpers. ) (Sidenote: Would you like to help? A way to start is to add something to SmallbusinessWiki.)

The best rundowns on Yahoo! Answers are by Gary Price and the inside poop form the Yahoo! Search blog. By the way, back in 1999.1, there were lots of pay versions of this model (in their business plans, something like “the e-bay of questions” was always included). Indeed Google Anwers (one of those things you’ve never heard of) is a pay model, sorta.

By the way, that Yahoo Answers logo is a little 1999.1ish (see the logo) but the Yahoo Answers page design is very 1999.2. In January, I’ll be changing several things to the look of to beef up its Web 2.0ishness.

Update: Fred Wilson’s post reminded me of another 1999.1 service that Yahoo Answers is cloning: Abuzz.

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