2 thoughts on “Nashvillepost.com update

  1. Rex, we did wise up and put the release in a publicly accessible space, now visible at our home page. Grateful to you for helping us realize it was hidden.

    As to the subscription model, all I can say is that it’s mighty liberating to be part of a business where I’m paid on the basis of what readers see me produce, rather than what some 23-year-old ad salesperson can sell next to what I produce.

    We aim to prove we’re worth it.

    All best,
    Tom Wood

  2. You’re right. Basing your business model on the skills of a 23-year-old salesperson would be a mistake. That wasn’t my point, however. Locking up your content behind a paywall that no one can point to and that you can’t syndicate and that can’t be indexed by search engines is my point. I’m not going to argue this point with you as I’m a fan of all involved with NashvillePost.com. Good luck.

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