Southwest jet skids off runway in Chicago snow storm

Southwest jet skids off runway in Chicago snow storm: (via CNN) “A Southwest Airlines jet slid off the runway during a heavy snowstorm at Chicago’s Midway Airport and crashed into two vehicles in a nearby intersection, killing a young boy, on Thursday night.”

Observation: (From someone who readers of this blog know flies on Southwest an average of twice weekly.) Tonight’s accident marks a sad milestone in the history of the airline. According to, a website that compiles such information (although I’m sure they could be wrong), until tonight, “Southwest Airlines had not had any fatal events since it began service in 1971.

It should be noted that tonight’s accident did not include any passenger deaths and, in some ways, it is more like a tragic traffic accident that occurs during inclement weather than a plane crash in which the scope of the tragedy is magnified due to the numbers of fatalities involved. Obviously, that does not lessen the sadness that has touched a family tonight.

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7 thoughts on “Southwest jet skids off runway in Chicago snow storm

  1. Irony of ironies – today’s accident marks 33 years to the day of Southwest’s last fatal plane incident.

  2. Anna, your information is incorrect. You are referring to an incident that involved a United Airlines plane. However, it did take place in a very similar situation to last night’s event.

  3. All airline accidents make me think of the scene in Rainman where Dustin Hoffman says, “Qantas. Qantas never crashed.” or something to that effect. I don’t even remember what it’s about now — I only saw the movie once, when I came out in the theater. But wasn’t it about he didn’t want to get on a plane? And so Tom Cruise had to drive him across the country?? Something. Anyway, I see that Qantas’ record continues as well. In case you’re flying to Australia anytime soon.

  4. Hahhaahahaha. Again, I wish for an edit feature on this comment stream. That should say, “….when IT came out in the theater.”

  5. Now I’m fixated on the fatal events data web site… I’ll be taking a boat to Nashville for my next visit.

  6. Sorry, Summer. I should have thought of you before posting that. I think our health plan has a good perscription drug policy for you to use right before your next flight to Nashville.

  7. No need to be sorry. A dose of prayer (and said prescriptions) definitely does the trick… HA!!!

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