A rexa’s problem with Alexa

A rexa’s problem with Alexa: I get it, okay. Amazon’s Alexa has invented sliced bread today. However, I have a problem with Alexa. And while it’s purely a vanity complaint, it is something I believe reveals a glitch in their methodology.

Here’s the problem: The “rexblog.com” page on Alexa reveals that this weblog has a grand total of “9” incoming links. By contrast — and I have no idea what any of this means — Technorati says this blog has about 1,500 incoming links from 323 sites (I’ve complained in the past that the Technorati stats can stand idle for weeks, but I think that situation has cleared up recently; frankly, I haven’t tracked it) and other services have different results.

However, if someone from Alexa is listening to all the glowing praise they’re receiving today, throw this complaint in the hopper as well.

(For the record, if no one linked here, the rexblog would still be exactly like it is.)

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What Rich Karlgaard said

What Rich Karlgaard said: (From a post on the Forbes’ magazine publisher’s blog today): “At Forbes we like to say that when a story appears on the cover of Time of Newsweek, it is “top-ticked.” Which means, if Time or Newsweek declares a new trend, the trend has peaked. If Time or Newsweek loves a hot stock, sell.”
Observation: Thank goodness. With “top-tick,” I now have a new term I can use for way-past tock-ticked “jumping-the-shark.” Let me try it in a sentence: “Forbes’ recent top-tick cover story on attack blogs is sure hard to find on their website these days.”
Observation II: Despite that snide crack, I agree (as usual) with Rich.

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What Doc is going to say

What Doc said is going to say: Doc Searls is about to make the opening remarks of the “ Syndicate Conference” (note: I’m assuming it has nothing to do with the Mafia) and rather than prepare slides, he decided to blog what he’s going to say.


“So there is a new balance of power in the world, that we’re seeing first in the live Web. Now individuals are in charge of their own lives, their own livings, and the things they do in the world, many of which involve production of goods like we’ve never seen before.”

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