Good name for a weblog and a cowboy

Good name for a weblog and a cowboy: Today’s “word of the day, paladin,” has the definition: “A champion of a cause.”

Of course, for those of us of a certain age, the word conjures up this image. Which reminds me of one of my favorite gifts from Santa ever: an “official” Have Gun Will Travel/Paladin Holster Set that made me look exactly like a six-year-old version of Richard Boone in that picture. And, thanks to the fact that you can find everything on that Internet thing, here are some photos of that holster set.

A public service note to people who remember a Christmas gift from when they were a child and do a Google search looking for a picture of it: Don’t do it. You’re likely to turn up information like this: “Among the outstanding performers in the auction (was) an Official Have Gun Will Travel/Paladin Holster Set In Box, which sold for $2,342.”

Update: Upon reflection, I’d like to suggest to all parents out there. On Christmas morning, tell your children they’ll thank you one day for making them leave their new toys in the box. (That’s a joke.) Considering inflation (and the present-value of play), that Have Gun Will Travel Holster Set provided me with at least $2,342 in fun.