Instant review: Yahoo audio search vs. Google music search

Thin-slice review — Yahoo audio search vs. Google music search: So, you’ve heard: Google adds “music” results to its search. Music is something I search for, so I thought I’d give the new feature a two minute comparison test with Yahoo’s audio search tool, my current default music search method (if iTunes fails me — and it regularly does).

Here’s my instant reaction: With Yahoo!, you go to a special URL: With Google, type in the word music followed by a colon (Music:) followed by the title or artist or term you’re looking for.

I used the name “Chris Thile” (no surprise for longtime rexblog readers) for my test:

Google: music:chris thile
Yahoo: ( Chris Thile

This is going to be a short review: Yahoo’s mojo is showing. Really. Yahoo offers options like podcast search and the ability to set your preferred audio service. Other than being Google (therefore, being newsworthy), the “music:” shortcut is not ready for primetime. Like other Google features, it will improve. However, with its music search, Yahoo has been adding innovations since it launched last spring.

Strangely, however, it took me a couple of clicks on both Google and Yahoo! to connect the dots between Chris Thile and Nickel Creek.

It’s strange to watch Google playing catch up with Yahoo on this and several other fronts. Competition is good — especially when it’s helping me find something I’m looking for.

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