Learning from Mark Cuban

Learning from Mark Cuban: The ink isn’t dry yet on tomorrow’s NY Times, but billionaire blogger Mark Cuban has already posted a reponse on his weblog to a piece critical (or, at least, dubious) of him in the business section of the Times. Among Mark’s classic responses is his posting of the complete email interview the writer conducted with him. This email displays the cherry-picking of facts the writer had to perform to get to the “truth” he was trying to represent. Mark Cuban is displaying the rapid-response blogging approach possible when everyone in the world (not just someone who gets published in the NY Times) has a platform on which to instantly present their side of a story written about them.

I’ll give the NY Times credit for one thing: Very prominently displayed along side the column written about Cuban is a link to his blog.

Update: Mark Cuban makes a follow-up post and asks: Who has the higher standards: Bloggers or the NY Times?

Passenger’s Bomb Remark Grounds Jet at Burbank Airport – Los Angeles Times

Some things, you just don’t joke about: On Southwest, the flight attendants and the pilots can attempt jokes, but if a passenger tries, it had better not be related to one topic, or he’ll likely leave the plane in handcuffs:

“Under federal law, anyone who jests about bombs or other dangerous devices while on a jetliner is subject to arrest and possible felony charges. Conviction can lead to up to five years in prison.”

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What Dave Winer said

What Dave Winer said: “I remember how awful it was to have popular bloggers jumping on my case when I last had a big outage. This time, after the outage is cleared, we should begin a discussion, in earnest, about getting user’s data in a format that makes it easy to move between blogging software, and storing that data somewhere that’s not likely to go offline when there’s an outage.”

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Cutting Typepad some slack

Cutting TypePad some slack: Steve Rubel recounts the history of a young Internet company and its outages — and it isn’t TypePad. While I don’t use TypePad for the rexblog (here, I’m a happy customer of the “Hosted Manila” service from Userland), I use TypePad on some other Hammock Publishing and client-related projects and have been frustrated with the service for the past 24 hours. However, I agree with Steve: The Six Apart folks (Movable Type and TypePad) offer great products and will get through this patch fine.

(I also use WordPress and play around with Blogger to stay familiar with those services, as well.)

More: Niall Kennedy’s interview with Anil Dash on the TypePad outage.

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