Cutting Typepad some slack

Cutting TypePad some slack: Steve Rubel recounts the history of a young Internet company and its outages — and it isn’t TypePad. While I don’t use TypePad for the rexblog (here, I’m a happy customer of the “Hosted Manila” service from Userland), I use TypePad on some other Hammock Publishing and client-related projects and have been frustrated with the service for the past 24 hours. However, I agree with Steve: The Six Apart folks (Movable Type and TypePad) offer great products and will get through this patch fine.

(I also use WordPress and play around with Blogger to stay familiar with those services, as well.)

More: Niall Kennedy’s interview with Anil Dash on the TypePad outage.

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One thought on “Cutting Typepad some slack

  1. I have used Word Press, Blogger, Movable Type and Typepad blogging applications. Typepad is my favorite, hands down, so I tend to have more patience with them. That said, though, I was not in any way depending on Typepad being up to earn money. I remember thinking that day though that there is probably someone out there using Typepad as an online Web store of sorts that will get hurt from a full Friday before Christmas down.

    From a corporate standpoint though, it made me realize how my blogging application has become like e-mail and Web access – I have to have it to do my job.

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