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What Dave Winer said: “I remember how awful it was to have popular bloggers jumping on my case when I last had a big outage. This time, after the outage is cleared, we should begin a discussion, in earnest, about getting user’s data in a format that makes it easy to move between blogging software, and storing that data somewhere that’s not likely to go offline when there’s an outage.”

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One thought on “What Dave Winer said

  1. Getting data into a common format may be nice but why even use a hosted service in the first place? I really don’t understand why if someone is serious about their blog or relies on their blog they don’t just get a domain and their own blogging software and control their own destiny and data…I happen to use Expression Engine but there are other low-cost or free packages out there. They are easy to set up and if for some reason the host goes down it’s just you, not thousands. And I can’t recall my site ever being down except for a short server change.
    I guess everyone is just too wrapped up in the whole Web-2.0 and hosted services everything.

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