Passenger’s Bomb Remark Grounds Jet at Burbank Airport – Los Angeles Times

Some things, you just don’t joke about: On Southwest, the flight attendants and the pilots can attempt jokes, but if a passenger tries, it had better not be related to one topic, or he’ll likely leave the plane in handcuffs:

“Under federal law, anyone who jests about bombs or other dangerous devices while on a jetliner is subject to arrest and possible felony charges. Conviction can lead to up to five years in prison.”

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One thought on “Passenger’s Bomb Remark Grounds Jet at Burbank Airport – Los Angeles Times

  1. I never have the urge to jest about bombs on a plane, but the sign that’s sometimes by the security entrance saying “Under no circumstances should you be joking about security issues. It’s not funny. Really. We’ve heard it all. Stop it. Now.” completely cracks me up and wants me to say something stupid all the time.

    When I was standing in line waiting one day, I thought of all the other occupations that should have the same courtesy afforded to them, if we’re going to go that way – like the hostesses at restaurants that give you the vibrating beeper thingies and tell you it will vibrate when they are ready for you. I hear the same stupid remarks every time she hands one out, but does she get a sign? Nooooo. (That’s the one I remember. As I recall I had quite a list going in my head!) 😉

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