Still not delicious

Still not delicious: It’s about midnight, Central time, and is still dark. However, they’ve added a garbled message to their front:

“Due to the power outage earlier in the week, we appear a number of continued hiccups. We’ve taken everything offline to properly rebuild and restore everything. I apologize and hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience.”

As a rule, I have lots of patience with services I don’t pay for. However, I’m beginning to sense that I’m going to make an exception to that rule. In other words, they shouldn’t be thanking me for my continued patience.

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4 thoughts on “Still not delicious

  1. If you are running out of continued patience, why not give a try. I thought you might find BlinkList to be a delicious alternative. Either way, if you do check out our service I would love to hear from you since we are always eager to make our service better and better. Mike

  2. Yeah. The worst part about this is that they just got bought by Yahoo. You would think Yahoo would want to get the resources involved to get this resolved quickly.

    First I’ve heard of blacklist. I’m also checking out

  3. “…for some reason the slaves replicated bad data from the master and then ended up crashing infinitely.”

    (Via blog)

    Slaves and masters?! Man, is experiencing full scale revolt! 😉

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