News from the world of Brand Rex

News from the world of Brand Rex: I was saddened to learn that a 55-year old company in Miami, Fla., named Rex Art is shutting its doors .


Rex Art, in business for 55 years and once one of the largest art supply retailers in the southeast, will close the store on Christmas Eve. For good.

When I saw that item, I thought I was going to have to alert Rex Sorgatz and start a protest or something. However, I am happy to report the rest of the story:

Luckily, most of Rex Art’s 15 employees will keep their jobs. That’s because Lonny, 37, and Katrina, 34, will continue to run their Internet business, .

(rexblog flashback: Brand Rex )

Update: Rex Sorgatz just sent me this link to his Flickr set of Rex signs . I’m inspired. Look for the flickr tag "rexbrand" coming soon.

3 thoughts on “News from the world of Brand Rex

  1. Have you ever run into the actual company named “Brand Rex”? Its wire and cable factory in Willimantic, Conn., was a major employer when I was a reporter there. I wish I had a copy of a BrandRex ad that used to hang on my office wall, so that I could give it to you as a Christmas present.

    The full-page ad in the local daily was a cartoon of Buck Rogers (copyright authorized, I think), pointing to a very Jetson/Gernsback-continuum skyline, saying “Look! That used to be called ‘Willimantic,’ but today it’s… ‘Rexopolis!'”

    Real irony: Brand Rex is still there (I think), but the city has been gone for years. A few years later the city of Willimantic disappeared, merged with the town surrounding it. In the publishing biz, f you ever run into Vin Crosbie (, ask him if he can dig up a copy.

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