Folio: magazine looks back, forward

Folio: magazine looks back, forward: In a twist on the prediction thing, Folio: Magazine asked everyone who’s ever read a magazine to make industry predictions for 2006. I predict some of this will happen and some won’t. Also, I’m honored to be included in Folio:’s 2005 year-in-review for my serial do-goodness (September 6). By the way, I think the folks mentioned in the May 17 entry do have better things to do…and I hope they are amused by the shout-out — at least some folks are listening to what they (we) have to say.

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One thought on “Folio: magazine looks back, forward

  1. Hi Rex,
    I am amused by the shout-out.
    Besides, it’s true. I don’t have anything “better to do” than to try and convince the B2B publishing industry that quality matters.

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